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Looking for a new or pre-owned Dodge Vehicle on Craigslist? We offer superior pricing, first class customer service and exceptional tech support. We are distributors of new and used Dodge Vehicles with a large selection to choose from. If you don't see what you are looking for on this website, there is a good chance we can order it for you.

We have the new line of 2013 Dodge vehicles now in stock including the popular Challenger and Charger cars. Dodge is also reintroducing the Dart which has not been produced since 1976. As always we carry all the current generation models of heavy duty RAM Trucks including the 1500, 2500, 3500 and Chassis Cab with a standard V8 engine or Cummins diesel motor available as an upgrade. Browse through our site and take a look at late model and classic Dodge vehicles including the cult followed Power Wagon along with the Raider, Rampage and more.

Should you have any questions about the current Dodge vehicle lineup or past models please feel free to Contact Us. Thank you for visiting Craigslist Dodge!


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Conveniently Located in Fort Dodge City, Craigslist Dodge serves the entire state of Iowa and for those who are willing to drive, Nebraska, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Misouri and Illinois. We offer unmatched pricing and value.

Craigslist Dodge Dealership Our state of the art facility allows us to serve the residents of Fort Dodge City regardless of what type of car, truck or SUV they own. Although we are experts in both past and current Dodge models, we can help you with any brand. Go to our contact page and send us a message and one of our associates will be in touch with you within 48 hours.

Service Areas:
Our primary service area is Fort Dodge City however we can also easily serve the following nearby cities...

Brief History of the Dodge Brand

Dodge was originally founded by two brothers in 1900 as simply an auto parts maker, however by 1915 was making vehicles. By 1928 Dodge was purchased by Chrysler however the brand name remained intact; which has continued to be the case even to this day through several mergers and acquisitions with different holdings groups and automotive manufacturers.

The first Dodge car was called the Dodge Model 30 and was meant to compete with the Ford Model T. This along with the cars durability as noted by the US Army's use in 1916, led to Dodge being the 2nd bestselling brand in America by 1920. This however came to an abrupt end when the Dodge Brothers both died due to illnesses in the same year. Over the next 8 years sales slipped and despite partnerships with the Graham Brothers fell to seventh in the market. This is when Dodge was sold to Chrysler.

Dodge Company Key Facts