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The Dodge Dakota is a mid-sized pickup truck made by Chrysler that was produced from 1987 to 2011. The Dakota was in a class of its own, as it was larger than the Ford Ranger, Chevrolet S-10 and Toyota Tacoma; but smaller than full size trucks. It was also the first small truck to offer a V8 engine, and featured rack and pinion steering.

Dodge Dakota Specifications

Listed below are the stock specifications for the Dodge Dakota mid-sized pickup truck.


Dodge Dakota History

The Dodge Dakota was introduced in 1987 as a revolutionary truck in its own class. Over the years the Dakota saw several unique variations two of the more popular ones came about in 1989. The first was the Dodge Dakota Convertible and the V8 powered Shelby Dakota. During the first and second generation of the Dodge Dakota there were also special edition models made including the Li'l Red Express and Dakota Warrior.

Third and fourth generation Dakota's took on the look of the bigger brother Dodge RAM, however remained mechanically similar. A larger 4 door quad cab was also made available along with a Dakota Sport trim. The club cab model as the only body style available during the last six years of production. The R/T trim was very popular during this time in both 2 wheel and 4x4 options. Since 2000 the Dakota saw a steadily decline in sales leading to it being discontinued in 2011.